Real Life

The best moments of life often come in very plain packages. Sitting together as family around the meal time, laughing together, working through disappointment, or movie nights. These moments seem so ordinary that we don't even think to capture them in photos. And then it happens, it's too late, our children are grown and we missed our opportunity!

Don't let this happen to you. Take time to enjoy and capture the ordinary moments of life. Find beauty in the ordinary!

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Manhattan, Kansas. Four boys four and under, two parents, and two grandparents hanging out for several days in January just having fun being together. Enjoy!

Day In The Life | Snodgrass Family Gathering

I was invited to spend several hours with the Snodgrass family on January 1 as they gathered to celebrate Christmas. Over 30 people in one house at one time for the sole purpose of being together. 

Family gatherings are a time to relax, be present and enjoy one another. Who wants to pull out a camera during the brief time you are together to take pictures. And then before you know it, everyone has left, the house is empty and you realize that no one took any photos! 

Don't let that happen to you at your next important family gathering. The memories are too special and the time is too brief - make sure it gets captured so you can enjoy the memories again and again.

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
— Desmond Tutu


Tiny Moments

I love being around children. I love hearing their ideas, watching the way they process the world and observing their behavior. And although it's not readily apparent in the moment, the are learning and growing at light speed! 

This is the reason I want to capture and document these special moments of childhood. These years are only here for a short time and then are gone forever. We think we will always remember our children's early years, but they soon fade from our memory as we hurl headlong into the next stage of life. 

These are the tiny moments I want to capture and remember. They are so ordinary, yet so precious. I love finding beauty in the ordinary. Enjoy!


I had a great time Monday evening hanging out with Paul and Dominic. Paul is a Big Brother to Dominic through Big Brother Big Sisters. It's easy to see how much they enjoy being with one another. Simple things done together can have a significant impact. It was fun watching Dominic fix mac and cheese and grill burgers! I hope this slideshow captures the relationship Paul and Dominic have with one another. Enjoy!

Learning to Love

We visited Josh, Diana, Caleb and Clayton earlier this month in Forest City. Josh and Diana love their little guys! They are awesome parents, teaching their little team how to love one another. Clayton is just about a month old when these photos were taken. 

I put together a slide show that tells the story better than I can. Enjoy!

Clayton David Pagel

Clayton David Pagel was born to Josh and Diana on Sunday, February 7. We arrived at the hospital an hour after he was born. What joy! We marvel at the gift of life and worship the giver of life. Enjoy the slideshow.

Welcome Home

What an awesome sight - 50 people at the Eastern Iowa Airport eagerly waiting for Jeremy, Alex and Thomas to arrive! And then they appeared! All joy. Many tears. Hopes and dreams and fears all mixed together, coming out all at once! They're finally home, where they belong! 

Enjoy the slideshow and memories!

Family Time

We have enjoyed a week of extended family time. Jon, Trista, Benaiah, Brody and Corbyn arrived on Sunday, December 27 for Christmas. And then Josh, Diana and Caleb joined us on Wednesday evening through the weekend!

So much fun, laughter, and tears! So many memories. So many pictures! Enjoy!

Dads Life

Jon, Trista and boys are with us for some family time after Christmas. Great spending time with all of them. Life gets going early in the morning with these three active boys. This morning Jon was on duty. This is why God gives children mothers! Enjoy!