Family Photography Classes

Do you wish you could take better family photos? Many people have very nice and even expensive cameras but get frustrated when they try to take photos with it. How many times have you heard the words, "Time for the family photo!" and then watched people begin to duck and hide? 

You have invested money in your camera, now learn to use it. You can learn how to take natural, unposed photos that capture the beauty of your daily life. No more groaning! I promise. No more missing great pictures of your kids.

Join Kim, an experienced child photographer and grandfather of eight, as he walks you through the basic functions of your camera. Regardless of what kind of camera you own, Kim will teach you to use it to capture your special family memories! 


Authentic Family Photography Workshop | Sunday, September 9            from 1:00 - 5:00 PM 

This Workshop is going to be held at First Baptist Church in Forest City, Iowa.

You will become familiar with your camera and key settings for taking great family photos. We will talk about the importance of light and composition and how to capture genuine moments. We will have a field experience where each participant gets a chance to photography a child they bring to the event. We will then return to the class room and review our photographs in a group setting. Each participant will have access to a private Facebook Group where they can upload their photos for feedback and ongoing support. 


One on One Mentoring | $60 / Hour

Perhaps you are more of a hands on learner who would like someone to coach you through the picture taking process one on one. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, Kim would love to help you capture better family photographs.  

Kim is able to mentor you in the following areas:

  • Basic camera functions - exposure, ISO, aperture, focus, exposure, lens choice 
  • Intermediate camera functions - how to shoot in manual mode, exposing for highlights, HDR, shooting action in continuous focus mode
  • Advanced camera functions - back button focus, long exposure, panning, layering
  • Basic Lightroom editing techniques
  • Using the Lightroom Slideshow module to make awesome slideshows
  • Advanced Lightroom functions, using Collections