What Is Documentary Family Photography?

There is beauty in the ordinary. It's the daily, ordinary moments of life that are most taken for granted. The busyness of life lulls us into thinking that things will always be the same and that we have plenty of time. And then one day we realize that it's too late! Our kids have grown up, our grandchildren live in another state and the routines of daily life are distant memories!

I want to help you and your family document the important moments of life - birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and special anniversaries all deserve to be preserved with photographs. But so does the routines of daily life such as homework around the dinner table, meal prep in the kitchen, trip to the park, snowball fight in the front lawn or afternoon at the soccer field. 

With documentary photography there is no need to dress up, line up or blow up! You get to relax and be yourself, right in the comfort of your own home. Or if you prefer, we can go to a park our other outing.

Real is the new perfect. I want to help you find beauty in the ordinary moments of your family life ... before they are gone!

Take a look at the slideshows below that capture the joy of family life. Your family is beautiful and needs to be photographed!


The Snodgrass Family Christmas Gathering

When your family lives in several states and a foreign country, family gatherings are few and far between. And when you do get together in one place, you want to capture the memories. 

Tennyson Family

The Tennyson family loves soccer! What better way to do a family photo session than on the soccer field! No need to dress up or stress out. Just enjoy the beautify day and being together as family! These memories will be passed down from one generation to another!

Christmas in January

Anytime family is gathered is a time to document the memories, even Christmas in January! We think we will remember these moments forever, but they slip through our fingers like sand through a hour glass.

Welcome Home Lucy!

Certainly adoption is an important family event that you want captured. You only get to meet your new brother or sister for the first time once. These captured moments will be a treasure for your new child, to help remember their introduction to their forever family.

Hagen Family Reunion

Every two years the extended Hagen family gathers in NE Iowa for a day of family fun, storytelling and celebration. They’ve been doing this for over 100 years! This gathering helps pass on the the family story of how the Hagen’s settled in Iowa from Norway and then expanded across the country. These memories need to be captured for future generations.

Family Thanksgiving

Family Thanksgiving celebrations come and go. They seem so ordinary. Documenting these simple family gatherings helps tell your family story for years to come. Next year a beloved family member may no longer be living. There may well be weddings, births and deaths the coming year. A family is never static, but rather a dynamic, ever changing organism. Make sure to take the time to document these key family gatherings.

Clayton's 2nd Birthday

You only turn two once! When you'e in the middle of raising kids, time seems to stand still. It seems like they will never grow up. And then they are graduating from high school, off to college and then marriage. Where did the time go? Take time to celebrate these special moments before they disappear!