Frequently Asked Questions


What is Documentary Family Photography?

I'm glad you asked! I have an entire page to explain the documentary style of photography. You can find that page HERE. One style of photography is not better than another. It's really about the look and feel you want your photographs to have. The documentary style is unposed and captures the beauty of real life. As I like to say, "Real is the new perfect!"

Our daily life isn't too special. Will there be anything worth shooting in our family?

I love showing people how not true this is! There are so many special moments that take place in your family on a daily basis. My goal is to find and capture them. Check out the slideshow HERE to see an example!

What should we do during  A Day In The Life session?

What we do is up to you! For A Day In The Life session I normally document the family's daily routine {brushing teeth, bath time, story time, meals, etc.} along with family activities such as going on a hike, playing at the park, a trip to the ice cream shop, playing in the snow, family board games, or making meals/treats with the kids. The possibilities are endless. Ideally you would choose activities that your family typically does and that hold meaning for your family.

Will you take a posed family photo during the shoot?

Documentary family photography is different from other kinds of photo shoots most people are familiar with. 95% of the shoot will be spent capturing unposed family interactions However, I will do one or two formal, posed shots of the family if that is what you would like. Remember, our goal is to document your life - your real life. Click HERE for more information about documentary family photography.

How long does it take to receive the finished photos?

I will edit your photos as quickly as possible. I'm as anxious to see the final product as you are! The amount of time it takes depends a lot on the type of session but generally speaking you'll receive a sneak peek in about a week and your full gallery within two to three weeks. After the full gallery is finished, I will contact you to schedule an appointment to view them. 

What is your training in documentary family photography?

I have been drawn to the documentary style since I began shooting in 1977. I have years of practice with my own children and grandchildren! However, three years ago I began to pursue documentary family photography more seriously. I participated in a Documentary Family Photography Mentor Group with Kirsten Lewis, the photographer who has pioneered this style. I have submitted my work for critique and competition in order to grow in my skill and craft. At every shoot I endeavor to bring all that I have learned to make incredible pictures that depict the essence of each family. 

Do you belong to a professional photography organization?

I am a member of the Family Photojournalism Association.

Other than photo-graphing individual families, what does your resume include?

I have done documentary work for the following organizations. It's an honor to be trusted to create work that is used to represent and promote these fine community organizations.



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