It’s not enough to look. You must also see. You have to want to look before you can see.
— Jay Maisel
I don’t want to create stuff. I want to observe stuff.
— Jay Maisel
Don’t take boring pictures. There has to be a trigger of light, a gesture or color. Something needs to speak to you.
— Jay Maisel
The soul is healed by being with children.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Kim Pagel

I love capturing family moments! Moments that are fun, moments that are full of meaning, moments that become more valued over time. 

Families are dynamic and every changing. It's only when your children are grown and gone that you realize how quickly it all happens. What seemed like an eternity is now a vapor! Capturing these ordinary, genuine, every-day family moments is what I love to do. 

Forty years from now our children and grandchildren will look at our pictures and piece together their family story. Who are we? What does our family care about? Was I loved? What is my family history? What were my grandparents like?

The pictures you pass down to your children will answer these questions and much more. Make sure you tell your story well!

My Photography Values

  • Genuine : : I want to capture the essence of a person through genuine moments. There will be limited formal posing and no manufactured smiles.
  • Enjoyable : : I want the photo shoot to be comfortable and enjoyable. Hanging out with people you care for in a natural environment can even be fun!
  • Memorable : : I want the images I capture to be memorable. These are the pictures that you will go back to time and time again to help you remember those you love.

Interesting Facts About Me

  • I have an antique bottle collection
  • I started out my college career as an architecture major and ended with a degree in social studies
  • I worked for 14 years at an inner city Rescue Mission
  • Eight of my grandparents lived near me and I knew them into my adult life
  • The first thing I purchased after graduating from college was a Minolta SRT101 single lense reflex camera
  • I love being a dad and grandfather!